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I am 53 years old and have enjoyed traveling to over 30 countries. Through my travels I have learned some truths.

  • People around the world are more similar than different.
  • Travel is one of the best educators and can disolve misperceptions and prejudice.
  • Experiences are 10 times more valuable then buying “things”; things get used up, broken or lost; memories last forever.
  • Men have caused most of the problems on earth.

I welcome your comments and ideas on places you’ve been, special things that you have done, or how to enjoy our travels even more.

If after reading some of our trip experiences and adventures you would like me to help you plan your next trip, just contact me at martin.green@brij.net.

Check out Dustin’s GreenHouse to follow our Globetrotting students www.dustinsgreenhouse.org

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